blerging frustrations


I just spent 20 minutes writing you a post.

And it’s GONE!!!! 😦

Unfortunate. It was a good one.

Welp here goes again…

Work is going well! It’s been over a week, and so far I’ve written quite a few stories and a blog!

Today we pitched our first stories ideas and I’m excited to be working on a story about the Imagine Sisters movement! CNA has yet to cover it, and they’re producing a film this summer, so I’m really excited to get started. And my first pitch went well! Yay!

As for adventuring this past weekend, on Saturday Kate and I went to Rocky Mountain National Park for an epic hike: Image

After getting some ice cream in Estes Park, we headed back to Denver to go to an arcade bar with some of Kate’s friends. I ended up dominating at some Pacman…aw. yeah.

On Sunday we spent most of the afternoon shopping at some outlet stores (I bought an epically hipster pair of Vans), and then Sunday night was a Celtic women concert at Red Rocks! (please no judgements. There was a groupon). It was my first time at Red Rocks, and the concert was equal parts entertaining and ridiculous, so, win-win!



Also on Sunday Kate took me to the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Denver’s cathedral. It is SO gorgeous! Definitely a place that lifts your soul up to God.



Also JP2 is there! There’s a giant statue of him outside, I believe honoring his visit to Denver in 1993 for World Youth Day. I just love him so much!


We then went back to Red Rocks on Tuesday to watch on of my favorite movies of all time, Wet Hot American Summer!

If you are unfamiliar, it’s a movie with an epic cast of SNL actors about a Jewish summer camp in the early 80’s. As someone who’s worked at a summer camp for 6 years, the movie is a hilariously exaggerated and yet scarily accurate portrayal of summer camp. For each character in the movie I have an almost equal real-life person from camp who fills their role.

Here’s my favorite scene (warning…eff bomb is dropped):

Next week there’s a big Catholic Press Conference being held in Denver, at which CNA will be present, and we are also hosting a reception at some point. My boss told us interns that we will be learning to make some (Brazilian? Peruvian?) alcoholic drink in mass quantities to be served at the reception, so I’m sure it will be exciting!

Well that’s about all for now. Also, if you could please say a prayer for those affected by the wildfires out here near Colorado Springs, that would be great. I know of a few people whose families are evacuating — scary stuff 😦

Thanks! Also pray for me and I’ll pray for you 🙂


Mary Frank


One thought on “blerging frustrations

  1. Don’t you DARE insult Celtic Women around me Mary!!!! I’m extremely jealous you got to see them in Red Rocks. I went to the Qwest (when it was still the Qwest…good ole days) to see them. Not as dramatic, I might imagine.

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